No matter the condition of your vehicle, Classic Automotive Repair has the knowledge, attention to detail and passion needed to restore it.

Interiors of all fabrics and materials, exteriors of all designs and powertrains of all makes can be confidently restored to factory condition or better.


Steve Hayes combines 23 years of professional experience troubleshooting and repairing American and British made vehicles with a lifetime of passion.

This allows for the most thorough vehicle diagnostics inspection our clients will ever experience. Schedule an appointment for peace of mind.




Full and part vehicle servicing is offered to suit your needs. We are one of Eastern Ontario's most experienced classic car service and restoration centres.

Servicing includes:

  • Oil Changes
  • Filter Replacement
  • Fluid Level and Quality Checks
  • Component Lubrication
  • Engine Tuning

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Flying B's

There is no doubting that the M.G.B. is one of the best recognized classic British sports cars. Its' looks cause admiration when parked by the side of the road and jealous glances from other motorists as it passes by.

Classic Automotive loves their M.G.B.s but realizes even with the best restored car the 50 year old design has its limitations in modern road conditions. So we have addressed some of these issues with a brand new “Flying B”.

Taking the best shells we can find, the car is stripped right back to its bones, parts are then either sold on, recycled or put aside for future use in a “Flying B”.  This shell is media blasted and repaired as necessary, using O.E.M pattern panels from British Heritage and epoxy primed to give us the best base to build an all new “B”.

As any car builder will tell you the first order of upgrading any car is to make it stop! An all round brake disc set up, with long lasting copper nickel lines and Aeroquip hoses, then to make it sit firmly on the road a front and rear coil over suspension set up with a set of 15inch wheels and slightly lower and wider profile tires.

All steering and suspension components are replaced, and all rubber bushes removed and Poly nylon bushes fitted

The B's also can be fitted with central locking, power windows and power steering (either electric or hydraulic)

Now the go! Engines can range from the original rebuilt B engine with crossflow cylinder head and Fuel Injection through to a Twin Cam Z tech injection crate engine with a mapable ECU, 175hp or 210hp passing through an all new T9 5 speed gearbox is standard.

Last but by no means least, the finish. The “flying B” now siting in its brand new paint and all new chrome, is treated to an interior.  Firstly extra sound insulation, and then in keeping with the original MGB, new seat covers, door panels and cards, carpets and a new convertible hood or ceiling cloth in the GT. All sourced from the UK at the highest standard. The dash is upgraded to new specification gauges, to go with the upgraded wiring, but traditional in appearance, and a retro looking radio and sound system with inputs for your mp3 player.

A brand new “Flying B” meant for the next 50 years.